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The Babylon 5 Pants Page
The Babylon 5 Pants Page: Our Last, Best Hope for Pants

At this point, you're probably thinking one of two things. The first would be "Pants and Babylon 5? Pants of Babylon 5? What the...?" The second would be, "Oh no. The Madness has spread further."

For those of you thinking the first, this page is devoted to a semi-game amusement that was inspired by the Star Wars Pants Page. It's terribly simple, really, you take a quote, and remove one or two words, inserting the word "pants" in it's place. Sometimes you have to change the phrasing just a little for the grammar to be correct, but it's most fun when you don't. The results are often amusing, periodically mind boggling, and usually end up something like this:

"I have a destiny to fulfill. One which will take our pants back to a golden age." - Londo Mollari

You see? Now, I was inspired to make this site because there's a site for Trek, and for Star Wars, so why should Babylon 5 miss out? I happen to like all three. At any rate, it's so much fun to do you'll find yourself trying it with other shows/movies, songs even. Now, I've organized the quotes by season/movie, and whenever possible, tried to put the episode name after the quote. If this is your first visit to the site, there's even a helpful hints page to help you reach maximum pants enjoyment. For anyone else, just click on the name of what you want to see.

Pilot: The Gathering
Season 1: Signs and Portents
Season 2: The Coming of the Shadows
Season 3: Point of No Return
Season 4: No Surrender, No Retreat
Season 5: Wheel of Fire
Movie: In the Begining
Movie: Thirdspace
Movie: River of Souls
Movie: A Call to Arms

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Red Ball If you're returning to the Pants Page and see on the bottom that it's been updates since your last visit, check out Updates Page to see what's new.

Purple Ball I also have a page done for a song written by a friend, "Sheridan Likes Oranges"

Red Ball I'm hoping to add more stuff related to Babylon 5 Humor, and if you have any ideas or contributions, let me know.

Purple Ball Use the contact button if you need to reach me, especially if you have suggestions. If you spam me, though, I'll have to hunt you down and skin you.

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Last Updated 01/03/01

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